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WMS STEM Mission

Woodland Middle School collaboratively engages all students through STEM & PBL experiences to empower them to succeed. 


Woodland Middle School will be a high functioning STEM focused community that promotes college and career readiness for all students. 

STEM Collective Commitments

Because STEM offers a high-interest, rigorous, hands-on curriculum,  Woodland Middle School is committed to 

  • exposing ALL students to STEM.   

  • providing a learning environment which highlights personal  strengths. 

  • encouraging students to expand their thinking, creativity, and desire to want to know more.   

  • embedding STEM lessons which promote rigor and the desire to learn. 


Persons responsible for guiding the school's STEM direction.

Michael Blankenship- Principal Tia Wilkes- Inst. Lead Teacher

Sabrina Price- Media Specialist Stacy Smith- 6th Grade Teacher

Meagan Moline- 7th Grade Teacher Jennifer Mayer- 8th Grade Teacher

Derek Shedd- STEM Connections